Electronic Equipment
Returns & Recycling

ReturnCenter helps businesses and consumers collect and ship electronics for recycling, repair, lease return or donation.

The Box Program

Businesses use our box program to collect IT equipment from remote users. Choose the pickup address and destination address and track it all on your ReturnCenter dashboard.

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The ReturnCenter app for ServiceNow empowers users to schedule and monitor hardware asset transportation directly within the ServiceNow platform. Use for decommissioning, employee offboarding, redeployment, lease returns, or IT asset disposition, and seamlessly manage your inventory right within ServiceNow.

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Consumer Electronics Takeback

ReturnCenter makes it easy to recycle your old electronics responsibly while giving back to a good cause. Simply tell us what device you’re sending back, give us your pickup address, and choose your favorite charity. Then we’ll send you an envelope with a pre-paid return label. Mail your devices back for proper recycling and donation of any residual value to the charity you chose. Let’s take a stand for a sustainable future!

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