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Can I use this service for my business?

Yes, ReturnCenter offers IT equipment packing, pickup and transportation services for business. To learn more about our services for larger, more complex pick-ups, remote users and multiple programs, please contact us.

What kinds of electronics can I send?

You can send mobile phones, tablets, or laptops and their charging cords. At this time, we are not able to accept desktop computers, monitors, gaming devices, keyboards, mice or other peripherals. Stay in touch for news as we expand to other devices.

Does it matter how old my equipment is?

Not at all. We can recycle all mobile phones, tablets and laptops, working or not. If you wish to donate the value of your equipment, we will ensure sure your data is destroyed.

How does it work?

It’s easy to return your old mobile phone, tablet or laptop for recycling. Simply enter your details online and you will be mailed a padded return envelope and pre-paid label. Insert your device into the padded envelope, apply the return label and send it back through the US Postal Service!

How do I get a shipping label?

A pre-paid shipping label will be created and mailed to you with a padded envelope after you checkout. You should receive the label and shipping envelope within a few days.

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