Leading the Way in Sustainable IT Logistics

ReturnCenter was built to empower a circular economy and transform the reverse supply chain for IT equipment by connecting all stakeholders.

We understand that carbon emissions are generated with each pickup and shipment we manage. By supporting regenerative agriculture, ReturnCenter removes as much carbon as is emitted through the services we provide. Each Regenerative Tonne represents approximately 1 metric tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere and stored in the soil.

We only partner with authenticated third-party verifiers of carbon removal that track their progress on blockchain to ensure complete transparency and accountability in our certification.

ReturnCenter Sustainability Reporting

All of our services are backed with available comprehensive carbon offset reporting. No matter your organization, ReturnCenter’s sustainability reports offer metrics that speak to your broader sustainability goals, and the bottom line. We will continue to add to the types of sustainability metrics we can gather from IT asset disposition partners and other stakeholders in the e-waste industry and push into other platforms like ServiceNow.

Connecting the Circular Economy and IT Asset Management

A circular economy disrupts the linear “take, make, waste” approach of mining virgin materials, manufacturing single use products, and then disposing of them.

Each item of IT equipment managed in ReturnCenter is an asset that will either be reused, refurbished, or properly recycled, supporting our focus on connecting the IT asset management industry to the circular economy. ReturnCenter enables enterprise, small and medium businesses, channel partners, and consumer clients to join the circular model that reduces demand on virgin materials used in manufacturing electronics, which are among the most carbon-intensive products ever created.

For more information, talk to a sustainability expert.