Enterprise Solutions

Navigating the complicated world of IT hardware assets in a large enterprise is no small feat, and at ReturnCenter, we get it. The ReturnCenter full-service platform helps IT asset managers at enterprise organizations schedule and manage all their IT shipments, logistics partners, IT asset disposition partners, and devices in one central location, with an integrated dashboard providing visibility all the way through reuse, repair, or recycle.

Our commitment lies in simplifying your journey by offering services that standardize, automate, and streamline the IT reverse supply chain. We’ve safely and securely managed over 2 billion pounds of IT assets for some of the world’s largest organizations; we can take it from here.

ReturnCenter is your sustainable enterprise solution for turnkey shipping of IT equipment at disposal, redeployment, repair, or employee off-boarding.

Box Program

Schedule boxes and pre-paid return labels to empower field service or remote employee programs including offboarding, repair, upgrade or recycling. Make IT equipment returns seamless and hassle free with no subscription and no minimums.

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ServiceNow Integration

Enjoy seamless integration of all ReturnCenter capabilites with the ServiceNow platform. Manage shipping and all your partners for disposition, lease returns, redeployement, collection, and employee offboarding. No more swivel seat.

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Onsite IT Equipment Pack and Ship

Book packing, pickups and transportation for your retiring IT equipment, parcel or freight. A range of white glove services is available from our national, trained logistics partners. Choose a simple pickup and ship, or add in packing, palletizing, or tagging services for extra security.

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Consistency for Enterprise IT Teams

ReturnCenter solutions offer reliable service and consistent experience across every US zip code, creating predictability and precision for your team with efficiency and visibility built in.

Connections and Control for Enterprise IT Teams

The ReturnCenter platform connects all stakeholder data. All partners, shippers, carriers, and receivers are 100% connected throughout the IT returns process. All shipment statuses are visible and environmental compliance reporting is available. No more spreadsheets, emails or lost sticky notes, no more swivel seat.

No matter your organization’s unique IT hardware reverse management needs, we’re here to help optimize your team today. Get in touch.