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The ReturnCenter Box program helps you easily get IT equipment from remote users.

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How it Works

Choose the right size box, add your pickup location and delivery location.

We’ll send the box and a pre-paid label to your pickup location.

Your IT equipment is returned to your delivery location quickly and safely.


The ReturnCenter platform is tied into UPS and FedEx for dynamic, real-time pricing. Our Box Kits are priced based on pickup and destination zip codes, so the shorter distance your device travels, the lower your cost will be. This ensures you always receive the best available price.

Box / Kit Starting At
Mobile Return Box $20.00
Laptop Return Box $65.00
Large / Desktop Return Box $105.00
X-Large / Multi Item Box $150.00
Server(s) Return Box $150.00

What's Included?

  • Professional, protective box
  • Packing and sealing materials
  • Pre-paid return label
  • Instructions
  • Dashboard for easy order review; no subscription, no minimum
  • Online tracking of outbound and return boxes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Customized to Meet Your Needs

Shipping Boxes in five sizes

Each box includes commercial grade packing materials, tape and instructions for an easy experience for your user and faster equipment returns for you.

Prepaid shipping label

Each box includes a prepaid label for your user to easily complete a return. No printer needed.

Immediate execution

The box is sent directly to your user within 1 business day of your order. You’ll have immediate access to your dashboard to track and manage all of your individual shipments.

Tracking and visibility for you

Schedule, track and manage all your user returns on one easy-to-use dashboard. You’ll save time and have visibility into both outbound and return shipments.

Use Cases

Remote Employee Returns

The ReturnCenter Box Program is perfect for remote employee returns. Whether for offboarding, repair, or replacement, the box program delivers everything your employee needs to return their IT equipment to the location of your choice. The box kit includes your choice of box, all packing and sealing materials, instructions, and a prepaid return label. Plus, you get your own online dashboard to track box status, and we can send you email notifications.

Bonus – there are NO minimum quantities required; you can use the box program once, or hundreds of times, completely on your schedule.

What you get:

  • Shipping Box and all Packing Materials

    You choose from five box sizes to fit any equipment from mobile phones to monitors and server equipment. Packing materials and tape make for easy packing and ensure your equipment gets returned safely.

  • Prepaid Shipping Label

    Each box includes a prepaid return label for your employee to easily return their equipment. No printer needed.

  • Dashboard Tracking

    You’ll get immediate access to your own private dashboard where you can see all outbound and return shipments, check box location status, export data, run reports, and manage future shipments.

ReturnCenter is the right solution to recover your remote employee equipment. Whether you work at a startup, SMB, or large corporation, ReturnCenter makes IT returns seamless and hassle-free. We save you and your team valuable time and resources, freeing you up to focus on more important projects.

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Warranty & Repair

Companies providing warranties or leasing companies can use the Box Program to easily collect equipment in need of repair and have it delivered to the service partner of their choice. Replacement parts can be shipped anywhere in the US by either the warranty company or the repair company.

  • Send an empty box for equipment or part collection
  • Easy Scheduling and status tracking
  • Dashboard lets you know when to expect the equipment

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Customer Case Study

Unlocking Efficiency – How a Multinational Organization Streamlined Remote Employee Asset Returns

Whether a company buys or leases IT assets, at the end of the lifecycle the objective is the same: get the asset back in good condition in a timely manner. But that task often becomes considerably more complicated when it involves employees working remotely, either out of their home or traveling as part of a field service operation.

Our client, a multinational company in the HVAC industry, has hundreds of technicians and sales professionals who work remotely. They are all outfitted with a laptop and sometimes a printer and extra monitor. All equipment comes back every two or three years for lease return or equipment refresh. ReturnCenter fills a prominent blind spot in IT asset management, adding transparency and control to the reverse logistics process of getting equipment back for lease return, repair or replacement—even one asset at a time. This role is clear and neutral: to provide clients with timely, convenient service and validated online information about their equipment shipments.

The Challenge

The coronavirus pandemic added millions of Americans to the ranks of field service and other remote employees who must return equipment securely and in a timely fashion so their employer doesn’t incur financial penalties.

Remote employees who rarely visit a company office are often on their own when it comes time to return a piece of equipment. They must do all the work—generate a label, find adequate packaging in which to ship it, and find a UPS, FedEx or postal service location themselves. They often have to pay for this out of their own pocket and eventually be reimbursed by the company or be provided access to resources paid for by their employer.

The downsides for their employer: either leaving it up to the employee with no visibility whatsoever or generating skads of labels and then relying on a torrent of individual emails to try to keep track of where everything is in the process. This haphazard method is extremely inefficient, uncontrollable and lacks accountability and validation (did they get the label? Did they really send it?). And it can easily lead to equipment that is damaged in transit, because employees generally send the material in packaging that is neither designed nor constructed for protecting that device. (A cereal box is not designed to transport a laptop.) The larger the company, the more complicated this becomes.

The Solution

ReturnCenter’s solution was to provide the company a private online ReturnCenter to which only their employees have access. Remote employees log in to request a specialized shipping kit that is the proper size and configuration for their asset, with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label. If they have a laptop to return, they get a laptop shipping kit (shipped the next business day), so it’s well-protected during the return. And an asset manager can track the outbound and return shipments in their online dashboard.

The Advantage

The client has a standardized process and one online location for employees to go when they need to return equipment. They are authorized through any method the employer decides—whether it’s an employee number, an asset number or other business rule. It’s all done in a secure, cloud-based environment.

No longer must the company try to keep track of a flurry of individual back and forth shipments on an ad hoc basis. Instead, armed with the ReturnCenter, the manager responsible for overseeing this process—typically either an HR person or IT asset manager—can log in and see what was ordered, what kind of shipping kit was sent, when it was delivered and when it was returned. They have full on-demand activity reporting.

As an added benefit, sustainability is built into the entire system. ReturnCenter has engineered all its reverse logistics processes to be fully carbon-neutral—the company offsets the carbon footprint on both the packaging and the shipping of these units.

By having all these data points in one place for all IT asset shipment activity, clients enjoy the convenience of only one bill to pay with complete visibility and accountability at every point of the process.

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Advantages of the ReturnCenter Box Program

100% zip code coverage

Avoid admin costs of creating hudreds of labels

Status Notifications

All maintenance, support, parcel shipping management and reporting

Participate in our carbon-neutral program with documented offsets

No Subscription / No Minimums

Whether you’re a startup, SMB, or large enterprise corporation, the ReturnCenter Box Program makes IT equipment returns seamless and hassle-free with no subscriptions and no minimums. We save time and resources for you and your team, and let you get back to your business. Try it today.

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