Colorado’s latest Right to Repair bill passed

May 13, 2024

Colorado passed its 3rd Right to Repair bill, extending the right to fix everything from blenders to computers. The bill heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Danny Katz,, April 2024

UPDATE – the Colorado legislature passed the bill on Tuesday, April 30. It now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Colorado is poised to add consumer and business electronics to the list of items that Coloradans have the Right to Repair and can get the tools, parts, diagnostics and software access to fix.

The state has already enshrined the Right to Repair around agricultural equipment and powered wheelchairs. Coloradans also enjoy some Right to Repair protections around vehicles thanks to multiple actions in Massachusetts.

We’re calling on the Governor to sign HB24-1121 – Colorado’s consumer electronics Right to Repair bill.

What is Right to Repair?

Everything breaks at some point. When our products fail, we deserve the right to choose what we do with them. The goal of Right to Repair reform is to empower consumers, letting us choose when, where, and how we fix our products.

Right to Repair legislation ensures consumers and independent repair businesses have access to replacement parts, software, and documentation to safely make repairs to products, from powered-wheelchairs and tractors to smartphones and laptops to washing machines and IT equipment.

This gives the owner of the product a choice in how repairs are made, and that can save us time and money while reducing the amount of waste that we produce.

Imagine a ‘smart’ vacuum cleaner that refuses to run because we dared to replace a filter bag ourselves instead of bringing it to an ‘authorized’ service center.Wayne Seltzer, Fixit Clinic organizer

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