Box Program

What kind of IT equipment can I return?

You can return laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, monitors and servers, and their electrical cords. Clients have used the Box Program for POS systems and medical equipment as well. Our boxes fit a wide assortment of business equipment.

Do I have to pay a subscription fee?

No, the ReturnCenter Box program has no subscription fees or minimums. You only pay for what you use, as needed.

How does the Box Program work?

The ReturnCenter Box Program helps you easily get IT equipment from remote users.

  1. Choose the right size box, add your pickup location and delivery location. 
  2. We’ll send the box, complete with instructions, packing tape, padding and a pre-paid return label to your pickup location.
  3. Your employee packs their equipment and attaches the pre-paid return label to the box.
  4. Your IT equipment is returned to your delivery location quickly and safely.

Where is my equipment sent?

You choose where to send your equipment, anywhere in the US. Some customers ship old IT assets to a recycler or IT asset disposition partner. Others ship working IT assets to a different facility or to a donation partner.

Does it cost money to set up an account?

No, you can set up an account for free and your account can be held until you are ready to use it. You are only charged once you place an order for boxes or labels.

Do you have more than laptop box sizes available?

Yes, we have five different size boxes to accommodate your unique equipment needs. Each box includes commercial grade packing materials, tape, instructions, and a pre-paid return label. You choose the box kit that you need:

  • Mobile return kit
  • Laptop return kit
  • Large/desktop return kit
  • X-large/multi-item return kit
  • Server return kit

What locations are available for IT equipment pickup and delivery?

ReturnCenter services are available in every US zip code. You choose the exact location for pickup and delivery and we’ll take care of the rest.

Is there a dashboard to view all transactions?

Yes, there is a dashboard where you or your designated administrator(s) can view the status of all the shipments you’ve scheduled at a glance. 

Can I integrate the ReturnCenter Box program into ServiceNow?

Yes, there is a free ReturnCenter app available in the ServiceNow app store. Just visit the ServiceNow Store, type “ReturnCenter” in the top search bar and click Search. Then just follow the instructions to request the app. We’re here if you need us.

How much does the ReturnCenter Box program cost?

Starting at $65 round trip for a laptop return box, the ReturnCenter platform is tied into UPS and FedEx for dynamic, real-time pricing. Our Box Kits are priced based on pickup and destination zip codes, so the shorter distance your device travels, the lower your cost will be. This ensures you always receive the best available price.

Does it matter how old my equipment is?

Not at all. We can arrange shipping for all your business IT equipment, working or not. You choose where to send your equipment and how it gets handled once it arrives.

Can you help me find somewhere to send my IT equipment?

Yes, we have a network of partners who can help you with IT asset disposition, recycling, data destruction, or donation. Contact us for help.

How do I get a shipping label?

Every box includes a pre-paid shipping label for return shipping to the destination of your choice. Your remote user doesn’t need a printer!

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