Why IT Asset Management Is Vital to Successful Digital Work

April 27, 2023

Why IT Asset Management Is Vital to Successful Digital Work

BizTechMagazine.com, 2023, by Lauren Glenn Manfuso

With digital work here to stay, business IT teams are juggling a shifting technology inventory. Here’s how the right management tools can help.

The concept of digital work sounds relatively simple: Give employees laptops and send them home to do the same jobs they did in a corporate office. But for the IT teams tasked with procuring, maintaining and tracking company technology assets, digital work environments are often anything but straightforward.

This is where IT asset management (ITAM) becomes critical.  Today’s workforces aren’t just remote; they can be distributed all over the world. Employees require a suite of IT hardware and software to foster productivity and protect the company from cybersecurity risks. Meanwhile, the bigger the employer and the more dispersed the workforce, the bigger the headache for IT teams.

In a 2022 Forrester study, 51 percent of businesses reported that lost laptops and other edge devices had compromised their security. “A comprehensive ITAM program will provide consistent views to all assets in the organization,” says Forrester analyst Carlos Casanova. “It reduces duplication of effort across the organization, which is not only costly but also causes confusion and increases security and operational risks.”

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